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Eric has helped THOUSANDS of coaches and marketers make more sales online for 20-years now... and he has produced tens of millions online!

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The very best way for me to make a great first impression on you is to give you tremendous value upfront.  If you are a coach or expert or a course provider, then you are my mission and I serve you.

I have been doing this for 20 years online, more if we count offline!  I started my first marketing and advertising company (offline) in my 20's in the mid-1990's so I've been around a long time.

I've helped thousands of people online personally, and I am about to help you too!  I am a very Direct... "Tell-It-Like-It-Is"... guy from Texas, but I love to have fun in business while making fortunes.

If you want real meat you can use... you're in for a treat!

Here's what I'm giving you FREE so you can see how much I can truly help you earn more:


This is where you can interact (or lurk) with other influencers, stars, celebrities, experts, coaches and multi-millionaires... (and newbies!)

I share most of my free stuff inside that group!

I do live calls, videos, trainings, posts, articles, and more... all free in there!

Go watch and see for yourself, it's free and you can leave the group anytime you want with a click of a button!


I'm always tweaking this mini-course and making it better and better (because the Internet is constantly changing and evolving)... 

This is a video course of breakthroughs and methods you can use to get more traffic and leads... get more appointments... get more clients... charge high-ticket (big fees) to affluent people... earn more money and more!

All 100% free as my gift to you!


People absolutely love this newsletter... err... well, some don't because it's a bit hard hitting and not for the faint of heart.  The newsletter is not for people who are easily offended by "money" and the talk of making big money.

This newsletter is how to get LUXURY clients who can easily afford your premium fees.  It's how to blow past 100k per month (NET)... it's how to manage your clients properly so they renew and love you versus hating you.

If you want the real nuts and bolts TRUTH-TALK then this is for you.

If you are a coach or expert who gets clients, and you want to knock-down much more cashflow, then this is what you're looking for, slam-dunk!

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